Third Party Reproduction

What is Third Party Reproduction?

ONE Fertility has helped many families grow using third party reproduction. Third Party Reproduction involves using donor sperm, donor oocytes (eggs), donor embryos, or a gestational carrier (surrogate).

Some reasons to consider Third Party Reproduction

  • Single people
  • Same sex couples
  • People who don’t have viable sperm/egg/embryos
  • People who should not get pregnant, for medical reasons
  • People who don’t have a uterus or have issues with their uterus
  • Other

Donor Sperm Options:

Donor sperm can be provided by either a sperm bank or from a known donor. To learn about the known sperm donor process please email Treatment options for patients using donor sperm can be either be used for DONOR intrauterine insemination (DI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Donor Sperm Service Providers:

Donor Egg (oocyte) Options:

Anonymous Donor Eggs involves acquiring frozen eggs from an egg bank or working with an anonymous egg donor through another clinic (such as Shady Grove Fertility) or agency. Directed Egg Donation involves receiving eggs through a known friend or family member. Please reach out to for details.

Donor Egg Service Providers:

Donor Embryos:

For those interested in Embryo Donation Services, please contact Beginnings Family Services.

Gestational Carrier (Surrogate)
A gestational carrier (surrogate) is a person who will carry a baby on behalf of another person or couple. The gestational carrier can either be a known family member or friend or a reputable agency can help you find a potential carrier. We have worked with Surrogacy in Canada Online, JA Surrogacy, HIVE and Canadian Surrogacy Options in the past and these agencies have been approved by our clinic. Please reach out to to learn more.

*For Fertility Lawyers please please click here and scroll to the bottom.

Patient Journey

Prior to this phase a patient would have had their initial visit with the doctor, completed testing, reviewed results, and decided on Third Party Reproduction as a part of their treatment plan.

Third Party Reproduction Process:

Third Party Reproduction Process:

  • Doctor Visit

    Treatment ordered including counselling and tests when required
  • Patient to complete testing and counselling


    Patient to complete testing and counselling

  • Results visit with the doctor

    A treatment plan will be made based on your needs. The process differs depending on what is required in terms of the following: Donor Sperm, Donor Egg, Donor Embryo or a Gestational Carrier.
    Note: Additional steps may be required such as referral of donor or gestational carrier, testing and counselling for donor, or gestational carrier, legal, IVF teaching session, etc. The patient needs to order and organize delivery of donor sperm, egg or embryo at the clinic.
  • Sign consents


    Sign consents

  • Treatment start


Please review this video to learn more information and steps involved:
Here is a video about using Frozen Donor Eggs: