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Welcome to ONE Fertility!

ONE Fertility is a state-of-the-art fertility centre, devoted to providing expert fertility care, treatment, and counseling. Our network of specialists allows us to offer a comprehensive range of services. We strive to attain the highest standard of patient and family-centered care across the spectrum of treatment options and to provide that care in a compassionate, respectful, and ethical manner.

After your first consultation with one of our doctors you will get an email with requisitions. Please watch this video to help you understand the investigations as well as where and when to do them.

New Patient Tutorial

If you are not yet a patient of ONE Fertility, please ask your primary physician to complete this referral forms. Physicians may also use their own referral forms.

How to optimize your Natural Fertility?

Advice For Egg Health & Pregnancy Safety

  • Start taking folic acid (at least 0.4 mg daily) 3 months prior to getting pregnant. Your doctor might recommend more based on your medical history
  • Discuss use of any herbal or over the counter supplements with your doctor
  • Avoid use of NSAIDs (e.g. Advil, Naprosyn, Ibuprofen, etc.) around the time of ovulation
  • Aim for a BMI (body mass index) of between 20-25; exercise regularly
  • Limit your caffeine consumption (1-2 small cups of caffeinated coffee or tea per day)

Advice For Sperm Health

  • Avoid excess heat to the area of the scrotum (e.g. use of hot tubs or saunas)
  • Avoid anabolic steroids and anti-androgen medication (e.g. that might be used for hair loss)

Advice For All

  • Avoid smoking, limit alcohol use, and avoid recreational drugs such as marijuana.
  • Avoid the use of most commercially available lubricants (e.g. K-Y Jelly, Astroglide, Touch), or saliva or olive oil as a lubricant. These could be harmful for sperm.
  • Use “Pre-seed” lubricant, canola oil, or mineral oil as lubricant, if needed

For information about your Rights & Responsibilities as a ONE Fertility patient, click here.

We look forward to helping you realize your dream of parenthood!

Request for Release of Medical Records

If you would like to request the release of your ONE Fertility Medical records, please complete this form to direct your information from another facility to ONE Fertility or this form to release your information from ONE Fertility to another recipient.

To submit to the ONE Fertility team, you can either:

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