General Questions

This is person specific and dependent on your diagnosis and should be discussed with your doctor.

Only take medications that are safe in pregnancy and avoid NSAIDs (Eg. Asprin/Ibuprofen)

Yes, as it is common to have some bleeding in early pregnancy.

Yes – this is true after every procedure.

Payment is due at the start of your treatment.

Please call the clinic to arrange for more medication. Do not stop any ordered medication without checking with the clinic.

Most people continue to work but some might require modified duties. Please ask your doctor about your area of work.

Call the clinic and follow the instructions about paging a doctor. Please use this service only if your concern can’t wait until the clinic re-opens.

Medication and Injection Questions

If you were on a medication that you picked up at an outside pharmacy, please check to see if you have any refills. If you do not, call the clinic with your pharmacy phone number. Please do not wait until the last day of medication to request a refill as processing may take several days. If you require medication from the pharmacy office located in our facility, please call the nursing line to arrange pick up. Don’t stop medication before checking in with a nurse or doctor.

Medication that was previously opened and used (eg. Puregon or Gonal-f) can be used for one month (28 days) after initial use. Other unopened injectable medications can be used until the expiry date listed on the package, if properly stored.

Yes, it is normal to get bleeding and or bruising after injection. To decrease this please make sure to wait 5-10 seconds before removing the needle, release the pinch of your skin after you have injected the medication so that you are not pressing when the needle is coming out and lastly apply pressure to the site for about 1 minute after injection.

To decrease this please inject medication slower, make sure to wait 5-10 seconds before removing the needle, release the pinch of your skin after you have injected the medication, so that you are not pressing when the needle is coming out.

If you are late for your medication by less than 1 hour, just take it when you remember. If it is much later, call the clinic for direction. If it is time for your next dose, take your usual dose and call the clinic for further direction. Some medications are very time sensitive while others have more flexibility with timing of the dose.

Most of the time this is normal, but it can be a sign of an allergic reaction. If the area is getting better with time and the redness or bump is gone by the time your next dose of the medication is due, then it is ok. You also need to make sure that you are putting the needle all the way in when you do the injection. If you notice that the site is getting worse (swelling getting bigger in size and rash growing), please call the clinic, If if you have any alarming symptoms, like trouble breathing or swelling of your face, please seek emergency medical assistance immediately.

IUI Questions

Most people complete 3-6 cycles. It is decided with your doctor.

You can come for your scheduled procedure time. Follow the instructions regarding your protocol (for example, if asked to do the trigger shot or if asked to arrive at the clinic with a full bladder).


Research has shown that this does not improve outcomes.

IVF Questions

It typically takes about 20-30 minutes.

Most patients have the option to receive conscious sedation. They are awake for the procedure and can request extra medications if they are not tolerating the procedure and if their vital signs are stable. (ie Blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level)

You can take Tylenol. Do not take NSAIDs (eg. Aspirin, Ibuprofen) before or after the procedure as this may increase the risk of having a bleeding complication.

We won’t know the number of eggs until after the procedure, but we can give you an estimate based on your ultrasound and blood reports, prior to the procedure.

The OHSS risk is very low in our clinic. We often freeze all of the embryos to decrease the risk of OHSS.

Your doctor will order this if it is recommended for you.

This will only be ordered for those patients that this test may benefit. This testing is not routinely ordered.

Embryo Transfer

It typically takes a few minutes, but you are in the clinic for about 30 minutes.

Having a full bladder can be uncomfortable. Rarely, patients may experience mild cramping.


Yes, it is recommended to switch your estrace medication to vaginally in the evening once your full flow is finished. Spotting will not impact the absorption of the medication.

Yes, it is normal to have vaginal discharge from the medications. The colour of the discharge may be affected by the medication.

Funded IVF Questions

  • Please email infoivf@onefertility.com to get some direction on this.
  • You can also review the presentation on this topic on the website.

Your doctor or nurse will let you know what fees you need to pay. Medications account for a large portion of the cost. Medications are not covered by the program. Please check with your personal benefits plan to see if you qualify and ask your limits for fertility drug coverage.

You can qualify for the funded program if you require a medical procedure that could cause infertility. Funding is only available under these strict conditions and it cannot be used for social fertility preservation.

Pregnancy Questions

Follow Canada’s food guide and avoid raw meat, fish, oysters, clams and mussels, deli-meats (unless dried and salted), paté, smoked sea food, raw eggs and products that contain raw eggs, unpasteurized milk, cheese or juices, raw sprouts, especially alfalfa sprouts, and alcohol.

Hair colour is safe as long as it is free from ammonia products.

Intercourse is safe (unless told otherwise by your doctor).

Regular physical activity (such as walking, swimming, stationary cycling, low impact aerobics, pelvic floor muscle training) is great, unless advised otherwise by your doctor.

Yes, many people will experience spotting (pink, brown, or red). Bleeding (like a period) can also happen in pregnancy. Please call the clinic if you have period-like bleeding, to get assessed.